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JUX Capital is a wealth management service that brings together a highly qualified investment team, unique online service and a powerful investment framework.

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We ensure sustained capital growth

How We Invest

Derivatives Trading

We trade currency, commodity and cryptocurrency derivatives. At JUX Capital, we have a comparative advantage that enables us to achieve excess returns, an advantage only big funds with our level of experience, expertise, capital and access to sophisticated trading tools would have.

We utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning under professional human supervision to ensure a competitive edge whilst trading which in turn translates into superior returns.

We take advantage of the volatile price movements in the foreign exchange, commodity and cryptocurrency markets to make daily profits for our clients.

The artificial intelligence (A.I) we use to trade, analyses millions of data points and executes trades at the optimal price. It forecasts price movements with greater accuracy and mitigates risk to provide for higher returns.

We use similar technology to Google's DeepMind AlphaGo, using a combination of deep learning, supervised learning and reinforcement learning algorithms for trading.

Our trading algorithm have different in-built strategy “wizards” that analyse market conditions, compare previous trading patterns in similar scenarios during the past 20 years of data and combine everything in one single software.

During the non-stop analytics, research, and optimisation process, all new movements and patterns are stored to be used in up-coming scenarios, helping solve future market situations. With deep reinforcement learning, our systems can constantly learn and develop meaningful trading decisions.

Interbank Lending

Lending can be a very rewarding way to invest if you are giving out short term loans secured by assets, incase of default.

This is exactly what we do in the interbank lending market - where financial institutions in need of overnight liquidity come to borrow short term funds.

We provide financial institutions in the United States and Europe with secured overnight loans at a rate of almost 2%, thus enabling us to earn very attractive returns on our investment regularly.

Investor Protection

Making sure you understand the risks involved with any investment and how they are managed is critical to a successful investment strategy. At JUX Capital we have safeguards in place to ensure your investment with us is even safer than it already is.

Our investment strategy is rated by the world’s top investment rating agencies as safe and sustainable and we apply superior security measures to both our clients’ accounts and to our technology.

All client assets are separately ring fenced. Client funds are held with insured tier-1 liquidity providers and managed in accordance with the applicable investment regulatory rules, aimed at ensuring their safety against loss and long term preservation.

Client accounts and personal data are securely encrypted both at rest and when transmitted with military grade encryption to prevent any unauthorised account breaches. Our network host actively mitigates DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, as well as applying regular penetration testing.

Qualified Financial Advice

JUX Capital has a team of qualified Investment advisers to provide you with advice on how best to invest for the future. We understand that the amount and nature of advice you need will vary depending on your unique circumstances.

JUX Capital’s investment advice service allows you to either receive advice on a one-off or on an ongoing basis. With one-off advice, our advisers will discuss your requirements and provide a recommendation. This might range from a full review of your financial needs and circumstances, a pre-transfer review of your existing investments, guidance on tax efficient allocation of your assets or a combination of these.

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Investment Philosophy

Our objective is to deliver attractive investment performance over the medium-to-long-term, enabling clients to meet their investment goals. We do this by providing cost-effective access to a professionally managed service, supported by in-depth financial analysis and insights.

We are determined to give investors safe alternative investment strategies that enable them build wealth very effectively.

We take views based on long-term strategic thinking, which affords us the ability to be patient in order for our views to be rewarded, and we are resistant to the temptations of excessive trading which are often used to justify the notion of active management.

We utilise top level trades using the most dynamic tools currently available in the market to enable high level returns while trading and investing.

Sustained Long Term Growth

Outperforming Traditional
Investment Vehicles

Positive Performance
Irrespective of Market Cycles

Our Senior Traders

Richard Cullen

25 years’ experience in asset management for both institutional and retail clients, across active and passive strategies.

Jeff Mason

Over 10 years of experience in financial services and risk management, having held senior risk positions at the likes of JP Morgan and Cheyne Capital.

Virat Modi

Leads the tech squad that construct, enable and modify the artificial intelligence machines and platforms that provide us with our competitive edge trading in the financial markets.

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We ensure sustained capital growth